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ABS has chemical resistance, heat resistance, high elasticity and toughness, and good machining and molding characteristics.

Making ABS parts

ABS Material Description

In the field of CNC machining, ABS is usually referred to as an engineering plastic, i.e., a terpolymer of three monomers: acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B), and styrene (S). This plastic has a variety of excellent properties, such as chemical resistance, heat resistance, high elasticity and toughness, as well as good processing and molding characteristics and electrical properties. Therefore, ABS plastics are widely used in mechanical, electrical, automotive, aircraft, ships and other manufacturing industries.

Advantages Of ABS

  • Good moldability
  • Good wear and corrosion resistance
  • High surface gloss(injection molding)
  • Easy to color and paint
CNC Machining ABS

China High Quality CNC Machined ABS Parts

CNC Machining abs

We offer a variety of plastic ABS machining services: CNC milling ABS, drilling ABS, turning ABS and lathe to finish ABS parts in different geometries and sizes. Our CNC ABS precision parts surface treatments include painting, plating, hot pressing and bonding, which are widely used in machinery, automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, instrumentation, textile and construction industries. Our technicians have years of experience and knowledge in machining high quality plastic precision parts.

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Making ABS parts