Quality Assurance

Our Quality

Management System

Continuous improvement and optimisation of all custom machining capabilities, from prototype to production, and the corresponding quality control processes.

We follow a strict ISO 9001 quality management system, follow a series of standardised production processes and operating procedures, and use state-of-the-art testing equipment to measure and inspect each production step, ensuring that your project meets strict quality specifications.

Quality Assurance

We implement standardised scientific management concepts, formulate reasonable working methods and operating procedures, cultivate excellent staff with top-notch skills, and improve the productivity of the enterprise.

Based on the needs and values of our customers, we will continuously strengthen the management of production planning, production process improvement, supply chain synergy optimisation, cost control, staff quality and other enterprise operation management. Strive for excellence, pursue excellence, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Through the implementation of the total quality management system, we strengthen the quality inspection and control of each process in the production process, ensure the optimisation of each link and process of the company, ensure the most effective communication with customers and departments, cultivate and strengthen the quality awareness of employees, promote technological change, and manufacture high-quality products with high efficiency.

Working with an environmentally responsible manufacturer enables our customers to demonstrate compliance with regulations and market demands, maintain or improve their company reputation, and achieve business aims relatating to environmental responsibility.

Inspection and quality control procedures

Our quality control extends from the time of enquiry to production and shipment.

Two independent audits of a purchase order are the beginning of our quality assurance process. First, we ensure that there is no doubt about dimensions, materials, quantities and delivery dates.

An experienced engineer involved in production reviews and evaluates the manufacturing feasibility of all aspects required for production.

All special quality requirements and descriptions are documented and then an IPQC inspection program is specified based on accuracy tolerances, lot numbers and manufacturing complexity.

All special quality requirements and descriptions will be documented and then an IPQC inspection program will be specified based on accuracy tolerances, lot numbers and manufacturing complexity.

Quality Assurance

We focus on details, problem solving, researching new materials and processes, investing in technology, and building and maintaining specialized additive manufacturing teams.

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) reviews and recommendations for all your projects
  • Contract and purchase order reviews
  • Manufacturing capacity and production planning (PMC) review
  • Incoming raw material inspections
  • Sample and process control checks (IPQC)
  • Control of non-conforming products and implementation of corrective and preventive measures
  • Final inspection and test reports and required certifications (OQC)
    8.Conduct customer satisfaction survey twice a year and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Our inspection equipment

Inspection Equipment

1.CMM, measuring range 800×1220×600 (mm), MPE (Maximum Permissible Error) 3.0μm

2.Marble measuring table, 1200×1000 (mm) / 1000×750 (mm)

3.Digital height gauge, 0-600 (mm)

4.Full-range vernier caliper, 0-100-150-200-300-600-1000 (mm)

5.Outside micrometer / inside micrometer, 0-25-75-100-125-150 (mm)/12-20-50-100 (mm)

6.Full-range needle gauge/pin gauge, 0.5-12 (mm)/1.0-100 (mm), pitch 0.01mm

7.Surface roughness meter, hardness tester, etc.