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Has a series of surface treatment processes: anodizing, PVD, painting, polishing, laser engraving, etc.

MachcncMaster professional CNC machining customized keyboard case

Machmaster is a manufacturer of high-quality custom keyboard kits. It is located in jimei, Xiamen City. At present, the company has advanced testing instruments, CNC lathes, four-axis CNC milling machines and other production equipment, including laser marking, surface sandblasting, polishing, PVD, electroplating, oxidation, dyeing treatment, assembly, packaging, etc., can realize one-stop service, saving more time and cost for customers. The humanized management system gathers a group of excellent employees and high-quality management personnel, which makes us more confident and capable of completing various complex technical tasks and meeting the standards required by customers.

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References for the finishes we offer

We have our own anodizing line and specially proven (keyboard finishes) electrophoresis, spraying, PVD, clear coating, laser etching partners to achieve the decorative requirements.

Keyboard anodizing

Sandblast anodizing

Own workshop

electrophoretic process

electrophoretic process

Strictly select suppliers

Painting Process

Painting Process

Strictly select suppliers

PVD keyboard


Strictly select suppliers

keyboard Transparent coating

Transparent coating

Strictly select suppliers

keyboard sand blasting

keyboard sand blasting

Own workshop

High-gloss two-color anodized

Two-color anode

Own workshop

Laser Logo

Own workshop

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CNC keyboard case display

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hang 98

Sandblasted 6063 aluminum, anodized with multiple colors, copper counterweight PVD, UV nameplate, and CNC copper positioning plate.

 Alice Keyboard

 Alice Keyboard

Adopting 6063 aluminum material, with sandblasting of 150#, black anodizing and electrophoresis in white.


Setout 65

Blue anodized 6063 aluminum sandblasted at 180#, with aluminum/copper weight and a positioning plate of PC/POM/FR4.

Dune 65

Dune 65

6063 aluminum, sandblasted 180#, Electrophoretic white, transparent electrophoresis brass.

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We focus on customized keyboard case OEM, we serve customers on zfrontier in China, and have gained a good reputation.


Our experienced engineers can handle your custom keyboard CNC machining project with ease.


Unique customized surface treatment process, 300+ cooperative suppliers


We manufacture and test your keyboard using our advanced in-house equipment.


Accept the project challenge at any time, no matter when, the MOQ is 1 piece


In our experience, all keyboard skins and sizes must be 100% fully checked

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Our Custom Keyboard Production Shop

For the keyboard case, a series of processing and quality control are carried out through our specially designed CNC machining workshop, polishing workshop, surface treatment workshop, inspection workshop and packaging workshop. Until the smooth delivery to your hands, to ensure the successful completion of your group purchase project.

cnc machining keyboard overview

What is a CNC keyboard case?

CNC keyboard cases are customized physical enclosures that are manufactured through the CNC machining process and are divided into top and bottom covers. The shell material is usually selected 6063 aluminum, then anodized and sprayed with decorative treatment.

What are the usual components of a customized keyboard kit?

Keyboard kits typically include top and bottom covers, positioning plates, weights, and other structural components that may be present. In terms of materials, the kit components are usually chosen from plastic, metal or wood, depending on the requirements. Different materials not only bring different visual and tactile experiences, but also affect the manufacturing price.

Why are mechanical keyboard cases so expensive?

Common keyboard cases are usually made of aluminum, plastic, and brass. Due to their robustness and need to be CNC machined to make them, custom keyboards with brass and aluminum cases are usually more expensive than those with plastic cases. In contrast to common plastic keyboards, custom keyboards can be much more expensive to manufacture due to the small number of customized keyboards and the high demand for finishes.

Common Finishes for Custom CNC Keyboard Enclosures

Custom keyboards come in a variety of finishes, each with its own unique effect and application.
Anodizing: Applied to metal cases, it increases the hardness and wear resistance while bringing unique colors.
Sandblasting: It can give the keyboard surface a frosted texture, which enhances the gripping feeling and operating experience.
Laser etching: It can engrave patterns or text on the keyboard to increase its uniqueness and personalization.
Electroplating: Enhances the corrosion resistance of metal keyboards and gives them a unique luster and texture.