Customized keyboards are keyboards that are customized to the user’s personal needs and preferences. It allows users to choose different keyboard layouts, key materials, key strokes, backlight colors and other parameters based on their own preferences and usage habits to create a keyboard that better meets their personal needs.

Customized keyboard

Customized keyboard structure

Customized keyboards usually consist of a keyboard kit (casing + PCB board + positioning plate, etc.), shaft body and keycaps. Among them, the shell determines the appearance of the keyboard and needs to be selected together with the keycaps; the PCB board is the core of the keyboard’s data exchange and is responsible for connecting the RGB lighting effects of the external computer and the keyboard; and the shaft determines the feel and feedback of the keyboard.

Customized keyboard advantage

Compared with traditional universal keyboards, the advantage of customized keyboards lies in their personalization and high-quality keyboard experience. Although its price is usually higher than traditional keyboards, it is becoming more and more popular among keyboard enthusiasts and professional users because it meets the personalized needs of keyboard enthusiasts and professional users.

There are three main connection methods for customized keyboards: single-mode connection, dual-mode connection, and three-mode connection. Single-mode connection is usually a wired connection, connecting to the computer through a USB-C cable, which is the most common and relatively cheap; dual-mode connection is connected through a receiver and Bluetooth, and the power supply method is usually a dry battery; three-mode connection It combines USB-C power supply, receiver connection and Bluetooth transmission to support multi-device connection.

In general, a customized keyboard is a highly personalized keyboard product that can be customized according to the user’s needs, providing a more comfortable keyboard experience that meets personal usage habits.

How to choose a customized keyboard?

When choosing a customized keyboard, you need to consider multiple factors to ensure that the final product you choose not only suits your personal aesthetics but also provides an excellent user experience. Here are some key steps and considerations

Customized Keyboard


The price of customized keyboards varies depending on factors such as material, function, brand, etc., so you must first clarify your budget range. This will help you to be clearer about your goals during the subsequent selection process and avoid going over budget.

keyboard layout

Choose an appropriate keyboard layout based on your personal usage habits and needs. For example, a full-size keyboard is suitable for users who need a numeric keypad, while a 60% or 80% layout keyboard is more compact and suitable for situations where desktop space is limited.

Shaft type

The shaft is a key factor affecting the feel of the keyboard. Common axis types include linear axis, silent paragraph axis, and voiced paragraph axis. The linear axis has a smooth feel and is suitable for typing and gaming; the silent paragraph axis has a slight damping feel and is suitable for typing; and the sound paragraph axis has a clear “click” sound, which is suitable for users who need feedback. Choose the appropriate shaft based on personal preferences and usage scenarios.

Keycap material and appearance

The material and appearance of the keycaps directly affect the overall texture and comfort of the keyboard. Common keycap materials include ABS and PBT, among which PBT is more wear-resistant and less prone to oiling. In terms of appearance, you can choose your favorite colors, patterns and fonts.

Other functions

Based on personal needs, consider whether you need additional functions such as backlighting, macro programming, and multimedia control. These features make your keyboard more useful and convenient.

Brand and reputation

Choosing a well-known brand and a customized keyboard manufacturer with a good reputation can ensure product quality and after-sales service.

Try and compare: If possible, you can try different customized keyboards to get a more intuitive feel for their feel, appearance, and functionality. In addition, you can also refer to other users’ reviews and recommendations to make a more informed choice.

How to choose the size of the custom keyboard?

The size selection of the keyboard mainly depends on personal use habits, desktop space, and specific needs. The following are some suggestions on keyboard size selection

custom keyboard

Desktop space

First, consider your desktop space size. If you have a spacious desktop, you can choose a larger keyboard, such as a full -size keyboard or a keyboard for games, and they usually provide more functions and comfort. On the contrary, if your desktop space is limited, you can choose a more compact keyboard, such as 80%or 60%of the keyboard, which may be more suitable.

usage habit

Consider the method and frequency of your keyboard. If you often need to enter a large amount of text or programming work, then you may need a full -size keyboard with a small keyboard to improve efficiency. And if you mainly use the keyboard to play games or quickly input, then you may prefer compact keyboards without extra keys to better control the mouse or perform other operations.

Specific demand

If you have a special needs, if you need to carry a keyboard on a business trip or travel, you can choose a light, foldable or easy -to -carry keyboard. In addition, if you have special requirements for the appearance and personalization of the keyboard, you can also choose a keyboard of different sizes and design according to your preference.


Consider the ergonomic design of the keyboard. The keyboards of different sizes may be different in terms of key layout, key distance and tilt angle. These factors will affect your hand posture and comfort. Choosing a keyboard that conforms to your hand size and use habits can reduce hand fatigue and discomfort.

In summary, the size selection of the keyboard needs to comprehensively consider factors such as desktop space, usage habits, specific needs, and ergonomic engineering. By trying different keyboard size and layout, finding the most suitable keyboard for you can improve work efficiency and comfort.

How to choose a customized keyboard shell material?

The choice of customized keyboard housing is an important step for creating a personalized keyboard. It involves multiple aspects such as materials, color, and structure.

keyboard case material

Shell material selection


The price is cheap and rich in color, easy to customize and process. The milk shell and transparent shell are particularly suitable for PCB with bottom lights, and the visual effect is excellent. But the plastic shell is relatively not strong enough and easy to deform.


Such as aluminum alloy, strong and texture. The anode oxidation has a variety of colors, and the material is strong, which is suitable for high -end customization. However, the metal shell is easily damaged. Once the traces are difficult to repair after bumping, the price is higher.


The wooden shell brings a unique natural beauty to the keyboard. Different types and colors of wood provide a rich choice. But the wood shell may crack due to changes in climate and size.

Structure and fixing

Consider the fixed method of keyboards, such as Tray Mount, Top Mount, Bottom Mount, Sandwitch Mount, etc. These methods affect the stability and feel of the keyboard.
Select the appropriate connection method according to your own needs, such as whether you need a magnetic upper cover.

Design and color matching

The color, pattern and shape of the shell should be consistent with the overall keyboard design style. For example, the white shell is suitable for light -colored keycaps, and the black shell is suitable for dark keycaps.

Considering the use of the keyboard and personal preferences, choose the design that can reflect personality and taste.

Compatibility and size

Ensure that the selected case is compatible with other components of the keyboard (such as PCB board, positioning board, etc.).
According to personal habits and needs, choose the appropriate size and layout.

Budget and brand

Choose the right shell within the scope of the budget, pay attention to the balance of price and quality.
Prioritize well -known brands and manufacturers with good word of mouth to ensure product quality and after -sales service.

In summary, the choice of the shell of the customized keyboard requires a comprehensive consideration of multiple factors such as material, structure, design, compatibility, size and budget. Through careful comparison and selection, find the most suitable shell for you to create a unique personalized keyboard.

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Customized Keyboard
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