A customized keyboard is a highly personalized keyboard product that allows users to customize it according to their preferences and needs, resulting in a more comfortable, efficient and unique keyboard experience. Whether it is for gamers, programmers or everyday office workers, custom keyboards can provide customized solutions to meet the different needs of users. Therefore, it is highly respected among enthusiasts and professional users.

CNC Machining Keyboard Cases

What is a CNC Keyboard case?

machining Keyboard Case refers to the use of CNC machine tools for processing and manufacturing of keyboards case. In keyboard case manufacturing, CNC technology can accurately process the shell, base, counterweight and other components of the keyboard to achieve high-precision and high-efficiency production.

CNC keyboards usually have a premium look and feel because CNC machining ensures the precision and surface quality of the parts. In addition, CNC machining can also achieve complex shapes and designs, making the appearance of the keyboard more unique and beautiful.

It should be noted that the CNC keyboard does not necessarily mean that the overall performance or function of the keyboard is special, it more refers to the manufacturing process of the keyboard using advanced CNC machining technology.

Why use CNC to machined keyboard case

Most of us are familiar with the traditional universal plastic shell keyboard, but for people who need to customize the keyboard, according to the traditional keyboard manufacturing method (injection molding), the cost is very high, and the use of CNC processing keyboard box, is the most current relatively economic choice. The advantages of using CNC machining keyboards are as follows:


High precision machining

CNC technology can realize high-precision processing of the keyboard shell, ensure the accuracy and matching of each part of the keyboard, and make the keyboard more stable and reliable in the use of the process.

Fine feel

The edge and surface of the keyboard shell machined by CNC are usually smoother, with no burrs or uneven places, thus providing a better feel and use experience

Personalized design

CNC machining can produce keyboard cases with complex shapes and designs, making the keyboard more unique and personalized in appearance. This is a big draw for those who are looking for unique style and customization.


Customized keyboard shell material is usually aluminum, through anodizing, spraying, plating and other surface treatment processes, can improve the durability of the keyboard, beauty and use experience


Cnc-machined keyboard housings usually use strong materials such as metal, so they have better durability and impact resistance, which can extend the life of the keyboard.

Environmental protection

CNC machining is an efficient processing method that can reduce material waste and conform to the environmental protection concept of modern manufacturing.

CNC machining keyboard case material selection

The material selection of the customized keyboard shell is an important link, which directly affects the appearance, feel, durability and overall performance of the keyboard. Here are some common custom keyboard shell materials and their characteristics

Metal material: Aluminum,brass,stainless steel

The metal shell has high strength and durability, and can withstand greater pressure and impact. In addition, the metal material can also provide good heat dissipation performance, ensuring that the keyboard remains stable during long-term use.


Keyboard boxes are usually made of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, and good corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy shells are usually precision machined and surface treated to present a delicate luster and texture, which is both beautiful and durable.


Brass keyboards, with their unique texture and feel, as well as excellent durability, have attracted some users who pursue high-quality keyboards. However, it should be noted that its weight and price are also factors to consider. If you have high requirements for keyboard quality and feel, and have a sufficient budget, then a brass keyboard may be a good choice.

brass keboard

stainless steel

Stainless steel is known for its excellent strength and corrosion resistance. It is not easy to deform and can withstand greater pressure and external impact. Stainless steel keyboard housing usually has a strong and stable structure, while having a certain sense of weight, to bring users a more solid typing experience.

Stainless Steel keyboard

CNC machining keyboard case manufacturing process

The CNC keyboard manufacturing process involves multiple steps to ensure that every step, from design to finished product, is accurate. The following is the basic process of CNC machining keyboard manufacturing

stores reserve

The keyboard casing is usually made of materials such as metal (such as aluminum alloy) or plastic (PC). These materials need to be prepared in advance and cut or shaped according to design requirements.

CAD design and programming

Draw a 3D model of the keyboard casing using CAM software. This model will serve as the foundation for CNC machining. Generate CNC machining programs based on CAD models. This program provides a detailed description of how machine tools move and how cutting tools work to ensure accurate machining.

CNC machine tool setup and debugging

Import CNC machining programs into the control system of CNC machine tools. Select appropriate cutting tools based on material types and processing requirements, and perform initial setup and debugging of the machine tool.

Machining of The Upper and Bottom Case

The machine tool will perform precise cutting, milling, and other operations according to the preset program. Monitor the machining process to ensure that the machine runs smoothly and the cutting quality meets the requirements. After the processing is completed, check the external box dimensions.

Surface treatment and post-processing

After completing the preliminary processing, it is necessary to perform surface treatment on the keyboard casing, such as polishing, polishing, or spraying, to improve its appearance quality and tactile sensation.
As needed, perform other post-processing operations such as drilling, tapping, etc. to prepare for subsequent assembly.

Quality inspection and acceptance

Conduct a comprehensive quality inspection of the processed keyboard casing, including dimensional accuracy, surface quality, etc. After ensuring that all indicators meet the design requirements, conduct acceptance and prepare for subsequent assembly.

Subsequent assembly and debugging

After completing the processing of the keyboard casing, proceed with subsequent assembly work, including installing circuit boards, buttons, and other components. Debug and test the assembled keyboard to ensure its normal function and beautiful appearance.

CNC keyboard box usually have what surface treatment

The surface treatment of the keyboard casing is mainly to enhance the appearance texture, improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Common surface treatment processes include the following


It can enhance the wear and corrosion resistance of aluminum keyboard cases, and the anodizing process provides a variety of colors for the keyboard casing, including red, green, black, gold, orange, blue, purple, gray, and so on.

Anodizing keyboard

Spray coating process

Directly spray paint onto the surface of the metal shell to achieve protection and beautification. Compared to other processing methods, spraying technology offers more color options and can create richer color effects. But the spraying process may make the texture slightly rough.

Electrophoretic treatment

Also known as cathodic electrophoresis, it is a chemical surface treatment technique that uses an electric field to deposit charged particles on the electrode surface in a liquid. Electrophoretic treatment can form a uniform and dense coating, improving the corrosion resistance of metals.

Surface Treatment cataphoresis

In addition, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, ultrasonic polishing and other processes can be chosen to smooth the metal surface and enhance glossiness. Different polishing methods can be selected based on specific needs and the material of the keyboard casing.

Overall, there are various surface treatment processes for metal keyboard casings, and suitable treatment methods can be selected based on specific needs and budgets. Different processing methods will bring different appearance effects and performance characteristics.

How are keyboard cases manufactured?

The manufacturing process for keyboard enclosures involves several steps, depending on the materials used and the design. Most aluminum housings are CNC machined.

What materials are used to make a keyboard case?

There are many choices of materials for keyboard cases, and common ones include plastic, metal, wood, and acrylic.

Manufacturing Process

CNC Machining

Surface Finishing

Enclosure To improve the aesthetics and durability of the keyboard enclosure, a surface treatment may be required. This includes painting, plating, and other methods. For plastic keyboards, it involves steps such as sanding, polishing, and sandblasting.

Inspection and Packaging

After passing through the CNC machining and surface treatment, the shell needs to be inspected for size, appearance, and assembled to confirm the structure and ensure that each keyboard meets the standards. After that, packaging is carried out and ready for shipment.

It is important to note that different manufacturers and different types of keyboards may have different manufacturing processes. The above steps are a brief description of keyboard manufacturing at Machcncmaster, and the exact manufacturing process varies depending on actual needs and process differences.

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