Large CNC machining is a complex and delicate process that involves several key steps and considerations. The following is a basic guide to help you better understand and execute Large Size CNC Machining tasks:

Large CNC Machining

Define machining requirements

Carefully analyze part drawings to determine part shape, size and accuracy requirements. Select the appropriate CNC machine and tool according to the machining requirements.

Programming and Simulation

Use CNC programming software to write machining programs according to the part drawings. Simulate the machining program with simulation software to check whether tool paths, cutting parameters, etc. are reasonable and avoid potential collisions or errors.

Prepare the machine and tools

Check the condition of the CNC machine tool to ensure that it is in good working condition. Select suitable tools and make necessary tool adjustments and replacements.

Workpiece clamping and positioning

Secure the workpiece in the fixture on the CNC machine. Ensure that the workpiece is accurately positioned to avoid deviation during machining.

Setting machining parameters

Adjust the cutting speed, feed and other machining parameters according to the part material and machining requirements. Pay attention to check whether the key parameters such as tool compensation value and depth of cut are correct.

Start machining

Import the machining program into the CNC machine tool and start the machining process. Monitor the machining process to ensure that the machine runs smoothly and no abnormalities occur.

Inspection and adjustment

During the machining process, regularly check the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness machining quality. Adjust the machining parameters or tools according to the inspection results to optimize the machining results.

Finish machining and cleaning

When machining is completed, turn off the CNC machine and remove the workpiece. Clean up the machine tool and working environment and prepare for the next machining task.

How to ensure machining accuracy in large-scale CNC machining

In large-scale CNC machining, machining accuracy is critical. The following are some key measures to help achieve this goal:

Large CNC Machining

Selecting the right machine tool and cutting tool

Highly accurate machine tools and cutting tools are fundamental to ensuring machining accuracy. The rigidity and stability of the machine tool, as well as the geometric accuracy and rigidity of the tool, have a direct impact on machining accuracy. High-quality machine tools and cutting tools should be selected and regularly inspected and replaced for wear.

Workpiece fixation and positioning

The stability of workpiece fixation is crucial for machining accuracy. Choose suitable fixtures to fix the workpiece firmly on the machine tool to ensure accurate positioning and prevent deviation during machining.

Control of cutting parameters

Tool feed speed, rotational speed, depth of cut, etc., have a significant impact on machining accuracy and efficiency. According to the workpiece material, tool type and machining requirements, select cutting parameters for real-time monitoring and adjustment.

Optimize machining path

A reasonable machining path helps to reduce changes in the tool trajectory and avoid machining errors. During programming, optimize the tool path to make it smoother and more efficient.

Enhance monitoring and adjustment

During the machining process, key parameters such as cutting force, cutting temperature and machining accuracy are monitored in real time. When anomalies are found, the machining parameters are adjusted or the tool is replaced in a timely manner to ensure the stability and accuracy of the machining process.

Improve the machine tool and process level

Improve the rigidity of the machine tool body, optimize the control system, update and upgrade the control system, optimize the machining process and tool path, and other means to further improve the precision of CNC machining.

Large parts CNC machining applications

Large part machining is a type of CNC machining used to create large machine parts. Large-scale CNC machining has a wide range of applications in a variety of fields that require high levels of precision, efficiency and complexity.

Mechanical Manufacturing

Large CNC machining centers are used in the manufacture of a variety of mechanical equipment and parts, such as tooling machines, molds, jigs and fixtures, gears and so on. The stability and high precision of large CNC machining machines can ensure the machining quality of these parts to meet the complex and delicate manufacturing needs.


In the aerospace industry, aircraft components, such as engine rotors, flight control systems, etc., require high-precision machining. Large-scale CNC machining can meet the aerospace field of high-precision and complex shape of the demand for parts, for the aviation spacecraft manufacturing to provide important support.

Automobile Manufacturing

The automobile manufacturing industry is also an important application area of large-scale CNC machining. Automotive parts, such as engine blocks, crankshafts, gearboxes, etc., require high-precision and high-quality processing. Large-scale CNC machining machine tools can provide efficient machining results to meet the mass production needs of automotive manufacturing.

Electrical and Electronic Industry

Large-scale CNC machining is used to process circuit boards, housings, connectors and other parts. Large-scale CNC machining can realize high-speed, high-precision and high-efficiency machining, to meet the high requirements of electronic and electrical products for precision and efficiency.

Railroad transportation industry

Large-scale CNC machining is used for train components such as wheels, axles, and braking systems. The precision and stability of these parts are crucial to the safe operation of trains, and large-scale CNC machining can meet these strict machining requirements.

Make MachMaster Your First Choice for Large parts CNC Machining

Our maximum build range is 4000 x 1500 x 600 mm. which makes us the right choice for your large-scale CNC machining services.

Large-scale CNC machining is a complex and delicate process that requires a combination of factors. By following basic guidelines, paying attention to key issues, and applying its benefits to the fullest, MachMaster enables efficient, accurate machining for a wide range of complex and delicate manufacturing needs.

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