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About TKD

TKD (Trace Kits Design) is a custom keyboard label co-founded by Equalz and Vertex.

If Equalz and Vertex each have their own design desires, then TKD’s mission is to produce something more inclusive and low-barrier to experience from a gamer’s perspective.

“Love typing.”

“Being impressed by certain design details.”

“Studying the surprises brought about by various matching assemblies.”

… “Simple pleasure.”

That’s why we named our first project Cycle, so that we don’t forget the way we came and the love we insisted on. At the same time, we hope to pass on this passion through our products to everyone who enjoys customized keyboards.



TKD is committed to creating entry-level customization kits for gamers that focus on quality and practicality, and Cycle7 is the first TKD product.

In terms of keyboard utility design, Cycle7 adopts the quick release structure of the upper and lower shells, which allows players of this kit to quickly and easily change the assembly and match the program in order to try out their own satisfactory results.


This is a 70% (FRL) sized keyboard, compared to the traditional TKL, this layout removes the F section and retains a separate function area and arrow keys, it has a slim profile and does not lack the utility of a layout of this size. It retains almost 65% of the same key configuration.

General Information

Keyboard size

70%/FRL (357x119x32.5mm)

Slope and front height

7°; 18.20mm (excluding the exposed part of the foot sticker);

Process description

The keyboard shell is CNC machined and manufactured from 6063-T6 aluminum, with anodizing and coating surface processes.


Internal counterweight/battery cover

With two H62 copper battery covers with sandblasted finish

Bottom weights/light trims

stainless steel sandblasted + AF/stainless steel mirror polished/stainless steel mirror PVD;

Matching support

kit shell optional WK/WKL

Firmware solution

Cycle7 offers two firmware options: single-mode and triple-mode


Single mode is developed with QMK official libraries and supports VIA/VIAL; hot-swap and soldering options are available;


Only hot-plugging is supported;
Tri-mode firmware program is still in the testing stage;
Equipped with two 2200mAh batteries;
According to the data given by the program company, the 2.4G delay is around 10ms;



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