What is a customized keyboard?

Customized keyboard refers to a keyboard that is customized according to personal preferences and needs. Compared to traditional standard keyboards, customized keyboards provide more choices and flexibility, allowing users to create a unique keyboard experience based on their own habits, aesthetics, and work needs.

customized keyboard

Custom keyboards are usually made by professional keyboard manufacturers or hobbyists, and users can choose different configurations on their website or platform, or customize their own keyboard. Its characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Personalized customization

Users can customize according to their own needs, including key cap, shaft body, collocation, key number, etc., to choose the most suitable keyboard layout and feel.


The customized keyboard adopts hot swappable design, and the user can replace the shaft body and key cap at any time, which is very convenient. At the same time, it also supports a variety of columns, which can be flexibly adjusted according to different use scenarios.

High quality

The customized keyboard uses high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the durability and stability of the keyboard. The shaft body adopts hot-plug design for easy replacement and maintenance, and has better feel and durability.

What’s the difference between a custom keyboard and a regular keyboard?

There are obvious differences between custom keyboards and regular keyboards in terms of customization, key layout and material, extra features and special uses, and price. Users can choose the keyboard type that suits them according to their needs and budget.

customized keyboards
regular keyboards
regular keyboards
regular keyboards

Personalized customization

The biggest feature of customized keyboards is their personalized design. Users can choose different keyboard designs based on their preferences and needs, including keyboard shape, keycap color, keyboard material, etc., to make the keyboard more in line with their personalized needs. However, regular keyboards are usually standardized products and do not offer such customization options.

Key layout and material

Customized keyboards allow users to choose different key layouts to adapt to different keyboard habits and input methods. At the same time, users can also choose different button materials and strokes to meet their personal requirements for keyboard feel and feedback. However, regular keyboards typically use fixed button layouts and materials, which cannot provide this flexibility.

Additional features and special purposes

Some customized keyboards can also add additional custom function keys, such as macro keys, multimedia control keys, etc., to enhance the functionality and convenience of the keyboard. In addition, some customized keyboards are specifically designed for specific purposes, such as gaming keyboards, programmer keyboards, etc., to meet the needs of specific user groups. However, regular keyboards typically only have basic input functions and do not have these additional features and customization options.


Due to the fact that customized keyboards offer more customization options and advanced features, their prices are usually higher than regular keyboards. A regular keyboard is relatively economical and suitable for general users.

The core components of customized keyboards typically include:


Users can choose keycaps with different materials (such as PBT, ABS), font styles, colors, and patterns.

Mechanical switches

The axis is a key component that determines the feel of keyboard typing. Users can choose different brands (such as Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, etc.) and types (such as red axis, tea axis, black axis, green axis, etc.) of axes according to their preferences.

Circuit board (PCB)

The circuit board determines the functionality of the keyboard, such as whether it has RGB lighting effects and whether it has a hot swappable hub.


Customized keyboard casings come in various styles, including aluminum, plastic, wood, and other materials and design styles. They can be open, compact, or have special exterior designs.

Satellite axes

For large key positions such as spacebar, enter key, etc., users can choose different types of satellite axes to optimize the tactile feel of the large keys.

Base (Plate)

The metal or plastic base plate located between the shaft and the casing affects the overall stability and sound performance of the keyboard.

Other additional features: such as customizable QMK firmware for key mapping, OLED screen display, volume wheel, multimedia control keys, etc.

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