CNC machining process is a new type of manufacturing technology that uses computers to control machine tools. The 3D cutting task is achieved by controlling tools and mechanical movements by pre -programmed software. Compared with traditional handmade machinery processing, the advantages of high efficiency, high accuracy, and good repetitiveness.

CNC machining process

What is the difference between CNC machining process and traditional machine tool machining?

CNC machining process compared with traditional machine tools, there are several significant differences:

Operation mode and precision

CNC machining controls the movement of the machine and the machining process through a pre-written program, and the operator only needs to set the parameters and monitor the machining process. This method reduces the human error and improves the machining accuracy. In contrast, traditional machine tool processing depends on the skills and experience of the operator, so the accuracy may be affected by human factors, and there is a certain error.

Production efficiency

CNC machining is controlled by computer, which can automate processing tasks and greatly improve production efficiency. The traditional machine tool processing requires the operator to manually control the movement of the tool and the processing process, and the efficiency is relatively low.

Flexibility and adjustability

CNC machining can adapt to different processing needs by changing the program, with high flexibility and adjustability. However, the traditional machine tool processing is more complicated in replacing the tool and adjusting the machine tool, and the adaptability is relatively low.

Programming complexity

CNC machining needs to write complex programs to control the movement of the machine tool, while traditional machine tool processing usually does not require complex programming, and the operator can operate directly according to the requirements.

In summary, CNC machining technology has significant advantages over traditional machine tool processing in terms of accuracy, efficiency, flexibility and adjustability. However, this does not mean that CNC machining can completely replace traditional machine tool machining, and both have their unique value in specific application scenarios.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC machining process?

NC programming

Advantages of CNC machining process

High accuracy

CNC processing can achieve very high processing accuracy. Usually within a few microns, it is very suitable for industries that require high -precision parts, such as aerospace and medical devices.

High duplicability

Because CNC processing is controlled by computer program, it can ensure that each part has the same size and shape, which helps improve production efficiency and reduce human errors.

high degree of automation

During the CNC processing process, operators only need to write procedures and monitor the operation of the machine tools. They do not need to directly participate in the processing process, reduce the labor cost, and continuously processing without being eliminated.

High processing efficiency

The CNC machine can be processed at a higher speed and feed rate, and due to the high degree of automation, it can reduce human errors and stop time, and further improve processing efficiency.


When the shape and size of the parts need to be changed, you only need to change the CNC program, which saves production preparation time and meets the needs of different industries and applications.

There are some shortcomings in CNC processing technology

High cost

The purchase and maintenance costs of CNC machine tools are relatively high, which may be an economic burden for small enterprises.

High technical requirements

The technical requirements of operators and machine maintenance personnel are high, and professional training and skills are required to be proficient in CNC machine tools.


Although CNC processing is highly automated and flexible, writing and optimizing the processing procedures requires certain technical knowledge and experience.

In summary, the CNC processing technology has significant advantages in accuracy, repetitiveness, automation and efficiency, but it also needs to consider its shortcomings and technical requirements. When choosing whether to adopt the CNC processing process, weighing weighing according to the specific application scenarios and needs

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