CNC lathe machining process and ordinary lathe machining process is similar, but because the CNC lathe is a clamping, continuous automatic machining to complete all the turning process, and therefore should pay attention to the following areas

Reasonable selection of cutting amount

Cutting amount (ap, f, v) selection is reasonable, for can give full play to the potential of the machine tool and cutting performance of the tool, to achieve high quality, high yield, low cost and safe operation has a very important role.

Rough turning, first consider choosing a back draft ap as large as possible, followed by selecting a larger feed f, and finally determine a suitable cutting speed v. Increase back draft ap can make the number of times to reduce the number of times to go, increase the feed f is conducive to chip breakage, so according to the above principles of roughing cutting for improving productivity, reduce tool consumption, reduce machining costs is favorable.

Precision turning, machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements are higher, the machining allowance is not large and more uniform, so the choice of precision turning cutting amount should focus on how to ensure the quality of machining, and on this basis, try to improve productivity. Therefore, when fine turning, a smaller (but not too small) back draft ap and feed f should be selected, and the tool material with high cutting performance and reasonable geometric parameters should be used to improve the cutting speed v as much as possible.

Reasonable selection of tools

(1) When rough turning, choose tools with high strength and good durability in order to meet the requirements of large back draft and large feed in rough turning.

(2) When fine turning, select tools with high precision and good durability in order to ensure the requirements of machining accuracy.

(3) In order to reduce the time of tool change and facilitate tool setting, machine-clamped tools and machine-clamped inserts should be used as much as possible.

Reasonable selection of fixtures

(1) Try to use general-purpose fixtures to clamp the workpiece, avoid the use of special fixtures;

(2) parts positioning datum overlap, in order to reduce positioning errors.

Determine the machining route

Machining route refers to the CNC machine tool machining process, the tool relative to the movement of the part trajectory and direction:

(1) should be able to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements.

(2) should try to shorten the machining route, reduce the tool empty travel time.

The link between machining route and machining allowance

In the CNC lathe has not yet reached the popularization of the use of the conditions, generally should be too much of the blank on the margin, especially containing forging, casting hard skin layer of the margin arrangements in the ordinary lathe processing. Must be processed with CNC lathe, need to pay attention to the flexible arrangement of the program.

Clamping installation points

At present, the connection between the hydraulic chuck and the hydraulic clamping cylinder is realized by the drawbar. The main points of hydraulic chuck clamping are as follows: firstly, remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder with the hand, remove the drawbar, pull it out from the back end of the spindle, and then use the hand to remove the chuck fixing screws, so that the chuck can be removed.

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