Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Custom engineering and manufacturing services from prototypes to on demand production of sheet metal parts. Low-cost sheet metal fabrication solution for you.

Our Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Laser Cutting

Intense lasers cut through 0.5mm to 20mm thick sheet metals to create high-grade prototype sheets for various parts.


Consistently manufacture a large number of identical high-quality parts using stamping dies


Sheet metal bending is used to shape steel, stainless steel, aluminum parts and custom sheet metal prototypes after the cutting process.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Standards

To ensure part manufacturability and precision of fabricated prototypes and parts, our custom sheet metal fabrication services are in compliance with the ISO 2768-m.

Dimension DetailMetric UnitsImperial Units
Edge to edge, single surface+/- 0.127 mm+/- 0.005 in.
Edge to hole, single surface+/- 0.127 mm+/- 0.005 in.
Hole to hole, single surface+/- 0.127 mm+/- 0.005 in.
Bend to edge / hole, single surface+/- 0.254 mm+/- 0.010 in.
Edge to feature, multiple surface+/- 0.762 mm+/- 0.030 in.
Over formed part, multiple surface+/- 0.762 mm+/- 0.030 in.
Bend angle+/- 1°


Choose from a wide variety of finishing options that alter the surface of sheet metal fabricated parts and products to improve their corrosion resistance, enhance cosmetic appearance, and decrease cleaning time.

We follow ISO 9001, ISO 9013, and EN 10204 standards.

We are not focusing on a certain sector. All metal-related projects are welcome, from industrial machinery to custom design projects.

The manufacturing process of forming flat metal sheets into desired structures or products through material removal, material deformation, and assembly. Sheet metal can be cut, bent or stretched into almost any shape, usually by cutting and burning the metal.

The choice of cutting machine depends on the specification of the sheet and the material used, as well as other key factors such as expected delivery, tolerances and geometric complexity. You don’t have to figure out what type of cutting machine is right for your sheet metal, because our experts know exactly which equipment, technology and even material are best for your project. So just submit your 3D files online and get professional solutions for rapid sheet metal fabrication from our experts.