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The so-called customized keyboard is a DIY keyboard. According to your own preferences, you need to customize a unique keyboard. A keyboard consists of a kit (shell + pcb + positioning plate + sound insulation cotton), shaft, keycap, and keyboard cable. 4 parts .

The keyboard is divided into single-mode, which is connected through a keyboard cable, dual-mode adds Bluetooth connection, and three-mode adds 2.4g wireless.


A complete kit consists of 4 parts: shell + pcb + positioning board + sound insulation cotton

① Shell:

As the facade of a keyboard, it lays the foundation for the appearance of this keyboard. There are two common types of translucent and opaque.




The circuit board of the keyboard, the pcb has two kinds of hot swap and welding. It is not recommended for beginners to start, because there is a high probability that the welding will fail and damage the parts. There are a few points to pay attention to, whether the pcb supports full-key no-rush, whether the rgb lamp beads can be customized, whether it supports keyboard drivers, and custom macros.

③Positioning plate:


the main function is to fix the shaft body on the positioning plate, reduce the shaking of the shaft body during use, protect the shaft body and the circuit board, the common materials are steel, copper, aluminum, carbon fiber, glass fiber different materials The vibration frequency of the positioning plate is different, and the sound is also different, all depends on personal preference

④. Sound insulation cotton:


prevent the appearance of cavity sound in the kit and affect the consistency of the feel when hitting



As the core of a keyboard, it directly determines the feel and sound. The shaft body can be divided into linear shafts (such as traditional black and red shafts) and paragraph shafts (green and brown shafts). The feel of the linear shaft is that straight up and down. The feel of the paragraph axis will have a “click” paragraph feel.

There are many brands of shafts, and they have their own characteristics. First of all, the famous German Cherry shafts, also called cherry shafts, are the original shafts. The common shafts are (black, red, tea, green, silver)

In the customized market, Cherry is not very popular. In China, because of its wide variety, more characteristics, and more popular with the public, the more famous Chinese shaft brands are Gaote, Jia Dalong, Kaihua, and TTC shaft.



In addition to the most basic color features, the keycaps have the following details:

①: Keycap material

The keycap materials are mainly divided into the following types. Different materials feel different to the touch. The main differences between each material are as follows:

ABS: The most common material, relatively low cost, high strength, smooth touch, good plasticity, and easy to color. The thickness of the ABS keycap is thin, so it will feel more brittle when tapped, and the color is also cool, and the light transmittance is good, so it is also highly compatible with the RGB backlit keyboard. But the biggest disadvantage is that it is easy to be oiled. In layman’s terms, after a period of use, the surface of the keys looks polished and shiny, and the sensory and physical sensations will be greatly reduced.

PBT: PBT is a matte material with a darker color. The advantage is that it is very wear-resistant, which greatly prolongs the time for oiling. Solved the shortcomings of ordinary PBT keycaps that are not delicate enough, and the advantages of ordinary PBT keycaps are high temperature resistance, no oiling, the disadvantage is that it is not easy to shape, the feel is not delicate enough, and the cost is much higher than ABS.

POM: High hardness, excellent wear resistance, and self-lubricating properties. POM and PBT are somewhat similar in general, but the hand feel is more slippery than PBT, and it is not dry enough. Due to the high cost of construction, few manufacturers currently use it. Students in need can consider entering third-party customized keycaps.

②: Keycap character engraving method and processing technology

There are three main engraving methods for keycaps: front engraving, side engraving, and no engraving, that is, the characters are on the front, the side, and no characters.

There are four main processing technologies for keycaps: two-color molding, thermal sublimation, laser engraving, and silk screen printing.

Two-color molding:

Also known as two-color injection molding, it is made of two different colors of plastic. The advantages of keycaps made in this way are that they are very durable, and the fonts are difficult to erase after a long time of use. The combination with the transparent material can make the letters transmit light, which is compatible with backlit keyboards.

Dye sublimation:

Dye sublimation is the use of high temperature to allow the pigment to penetrate into the keycap. Although the keycaps made by the sublimation process have both good looks and durability, the disadvantages are also obvious, that is, the light transmittance is poor, and the production cost is high, resulting in high prices and poor compatibility with RGB keyboards.

Laser engraving technology:

Laser engraving technology is divided into two types: inkjet laser engraving and laser engraving (laser engraving). The former is to directly paint on the transparent keycap and then use laser engraving, which is mainly used for RGB keyboards with backlight. The latter is the same, that is, engraving on the opaque keycaps, and there are more applications of non-backlit mechanical keyboards.

Silk screen printing:

Silk screen printing means that the manufacturer makes a font template and prints it directly on the keycap. This keycap font is easier to grind, so it is generally used for side engraving, and the cost is also not high.

③: Keycap height

Keycap height

Common keycap heights can be divided into CHERRY (original), OEM (foundry), JDA, SA (high ball cap), DSA (short ball cap), XDA. R1-R4 refers to the different heights and radians of the keycaps of different rows of the keyboard, as shown in the following figure:

四,Keyboard cable:

Keyboard cable

An exquisite keyboard must have a unique keyboard cable

Finally, let’s talk about the arrangement of the keyboard and gadgets
Arrangement refers to the assembly sequence of the keyboard, that is, the number of keys and the strength of functional integrity. This is also a way of dividing the mechanical keyboard.
Let’s start with the most common and comprehensive 104-key introduction, which is our common full-size American layout keyboard. Mainly divided into main keypad, function keypad, editing keypad and numeric keypad.


80% size (87-key keyboard)
85% size (96 keys or 98 keys, mainly to remove the cursor keypad and cancel the division of the keypad)


87-key position: It is no different from the 104-key mechanical keyboard, except that the 17 key positions in the independent digital area are cut off, and other function keys are complete.


60% size (61-key keyboard) Cancelled F1-F12, more compact

40% size (47-key keyboard) cancels all numeric keys, only the core input area is retained

There are some commonly used gadgets for mechanical keyboards

Key puller:



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