Anyone who has been in contact with the processing of aluminum shells will know that there are two processing technologies in this industry, namely CNC processing and die-casting processing. Both of these technologies are used to process raw materials into desired products, but many people know little about them, so they don’t know which manufacturers are better and more reliable.

aluminum shell

1. Before the production and processing of aluminum shells, we will formulate detailed and appropriate processing plans for customers to ensure that various production needs of products are met, production costs are minimized, and customers are provided with exquisite, qualified products and meticulous services.

2. Oxidation facilities are also essential. The surface of the aluminum housing should be finished after machining.

3. CNC machining equipment is essential. Billets for aluminum casings coming out of extrusion equipment are just the beginning. Grooves are also milled at both ends of the housing to facilitate the installation of side panels. This work cannot be done without CNC machining equipment. MACHMASTER CNC aluminum casing manufacturer has 248 Brother/group precision CNC machine tools and 20 precision CNC lathes imported from Japan, with an annual output of tens of millions of aluminum casings.

4. The sandblasting and laser engraving workmanship is perfect, because many manufacturers order the aluminum case with their own company logo. Without such production strength, we can only talk about it and send it out, which cannot solve the problem of construction period at all.

5. The large scale of the company shows that the aluminum shell manufacturer has certain strength, can realize mass production, meet your supply demand, and the delivery time will be fast. Hongfeng aluminum casing manufacturer, the industrial park covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees and 28 technicians.

6. Technical personnel play an important role in the quality of aluminum alloy shell processing parts. Hongfeng has imported automatic three-dimensional testing equipment, supporting professional high-precision testing room and professional testing personnel to ensure that the shell size is stable and consistent. The whole process from raw material to finished product is tested strictly according to ISO9001 standard.

MACHMSTER Aluminum casing manufacturer, focusing on 3C electronics high-quality and large-volume aluminum casing / aluminum panel manufacturing and production. It is a supplier approved by Xiaomi, DJI and Lingyi. 10 million sets of precision mobile phone aluminum cases have been produced. With 23 years of experience, mobile phone cases can be made very well. Look for MACHMASTER for the aluminum shell, and you are more proficient in high-end quality.

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