What is brush finish surface treatment?


Brush finish surface treatment is an active process of creating linear patterns on a workpiece’s surface through abrasive methods to achieve a decorative effect. This treatment gives metal surfaces a unique texture, earning increasing popularity and widespread application among users.

What is the effect of metal brush finish?

The brush finish on metal creates a distinct appearance, with each fine scratch clearly visible, giving the metal a matte finish with a subtle, fibrous gloss. This treatment combines both fashion and technology, offering a range of finishes including straight lines, random patterns, threads, waves, and spirals.

How to achieve a high-quality brush finish?

To obtain a high-quality brush finish, the following key steps should be followed

  • Surface Preparation: Ensure the workpiece surface is clean and free of dust, grease, and other impurities to guarantee uniform and consistent brushing effects.
  • Brush Finish Processing: Select the appropriate abrasive belt or wheel based on the desired texture and effect. Control the speed and force during the process to avoid excessive wear or damage to the workpiece surface.
  • Post-processing: After brushing, polishing may be necessary to eliminate uneven areas and better highlight the brush finish. Finally, clean the surface to ensure it is free of residue.

What materials can be brush finished?

Brush finish processing is typically suitable for metallic materials such as stainless steel and aluminum sheets. These materials, when brush finished, exhibit unique textures and aesthetics, finding widespread application in elevator cabins, subway carriages, architectural decoration, metal cladding, and other industries.

What is brush finish stainless steel?

Brush finishing stainless steel involves the following steps:

  • Surface Preparation: Clean the stainless steel surface to remove any grease, stains, or impurities.
  • Brush Finish Processing: Utilize abrasive belts or wheels of varying materials, grit sizes, shapes, and hardness to mechanically apply the brush finish. Depending on requirements, techniques such as unidirectional brushing, cross-brushing, or rotational brushing can be employed.
  • Polishing: Since the brushed stainless steel surface may be uneven, polishing is necessary to accentuate the brush finish.
  • Cleaning: Wash the stainless steel surface to eliminate dust and residues created during the processing, leaving a smoother and more refined finish.

Throughout the brush finish process, it is crucial to strictly control processing parameters to ensure accurate and consistent operations, thereby achieving a high-quality brush finish.

Please note that specific brush finish processes may vary based on material type, treatment requirements, and equipment conditions. In practical operations, it is advisable to develop detailed process plans based on specific scenarios and adhere to relevant safety protocols.

Applications of wire drawing finishing

Home Appliances

The brushed process is used in home appliances, where the shells of common light fixtures, kitchenware, and electrical appliances are brushed to give the products a unique texture and aesthetic appeal.


Through the use of aluminum alloy, steel and other materials brushed processing, so that the doors, windows, water pipes, decorative strips and so on. Create a modern and artistic architectural appearance.


In automobile manufacturing, wire drawing process is commonly used in the processing of engine parts, wheel hubs, body trims and other parts. Through the brushing process, it can not only enhance the aesthetics of the parts, but also increase the abrasion and corrosion resistance of their surfaces.


In the electronics industry, the wire drawing process is often used in the processing of wires, terminal blocks and other components. Through the wire drawing process, it can ensure that the conductivity of electronic products is more stable and reliable, and at the same time improve the overall aesthetics of the product.

In addition, wire drawing is widely used in aerospace, marine, home decoration, electronic products and many other fields. In these fields, wire drawing finishing can be precisely controlled and adjusted according to the characteristics and needs of the product to meet customer requirements for product quality and appearance.

MachCNCMaster surface treatment services

MachCNCMaster has the experience and advanced equipment to provide customized brushed metal solutions. Whether it is for stainless steel, aluminum alloy or other metal materials, we are able to achieve unique brushed textures and textures through our professional processes and techniques.

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